In-Home Lifestyle Session

Documentary & lifestyle photography | Visual Storytelling What does that all mean?

There are amazing photographers that will take beautiful portraits of you. These pictures have their value, space and purpose. They will show how you looked like at certain stage of your life. Yet, they won’t tell your story.Those typical ordinary days that we usually take for granted, suddenly and without warning, become memories. I want to be able to remember them exactly as they were, imperfect and yet amazing. When I look at the pictures they speak to me. The way your cat stands on the counter while you're making coffee, the jar and the flowers you picked that day. The light and colours, the frames on the wall and the candle next to your most precious memories. All together it makes me feel and I’m sure it will make you feel in 20 years time. That’s the purpose of my work!

We sat together for a while. We had a coffee, we chat, we had tea, cookies and more chat! That's how I want my sessions to be, relaxed and about you. This is your story!