Behind the scenes

Why do you need to hire a photographer when we all carry high-resolution cameras in our bags?

Quick answer: you don't!

Professional photography is a luxury product. Only a few people genuinely need a professional photography service, most of us can go through life without ever needing a photographer. If you think about it, you don’t even need a photographer on your wedding day. You will still get married.

When you hire a professional photographer, you are paying for the art, the vision and skill to transform an ordinary moment in something beautiful. The value of family photographs go beyond price and they deserve more than snapshots on your mobile or camera. Many people think that if they buy an expensive camera they will have beautiful pictures, I can assure you this ins't true. The pictures below were taken with a good camera, but I would not consider them good enough to hang on the wall, the post processing is an important part.

A professional photographer is skilled to view the world differently, he has a good understanding of light and composition. A photographer can see things that no one would notice or even know how to use in their favor. Maybe no one would stop to take a picture at this location. The place doesn't look great but it's part of our story so I wanted to photograph my family there.

The result is a piece to be printed.

Most people think their houses are not tidy enough, not well decorated, they are too dark or they need a pretty location. A professional photographer can work around that and find beauty anywhere. I strong believe that you should be in the photographs along with the places and things that make your memories.

Do you really need to hire a photographer ? No, you don't.

But you will, if you value your everyday life and you want to record it in a beautiful way. You will, if you want pieces of art hanging on the wall with your family on it. You will, if you want to record your life for years to come.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. I have a quick survey available to help me understand how do you feel about it, I would much appreciate your time.