What is Lifestyle & Documentary Photography

First of all, I'll explain what lifestyle photography is exactly. A lifestyle session means less posing and more natural and real moments. I love to shoot families, kids, whoever, just doing something together. I will place in a good spot of light and let you have your moments, there are no backdrops, no fancy props, no fancy clothes, just you in a place that's meaningful to you (your home, an outdoor location etc).

You may have heard about documentary sessions too, which to me means no posing or direction at all. I take this approach when documenting small events, such as birthday parties or DITL. A Day In The Life (DITL) is a documentary session at home, location or both where there is no direction from me. I'll just move around and artistically document your family and those tiny and mundane details that make you unique.

Now that you understand what lifestyle & documentary photography is, I’m going to address some of the concerns that come up. This post is all about one of my favorite locations to shoot, in your home. I have shot a few in-home lifestyle sessions and I shoot a lot in my own home. I know that there are some challenges but they aren’t problems at all. I can work with pretty much any home, no matter what you may think its limitations are. Maybe you’ve seen my photos of my kids bathed or jumping on the bed, and thought you want that for yourself or your own kids. My house is not clean all the time. And I don’t go on a cleaning right before I take pictures. Sure, I might move some things out of the way, but for the most part what you see is what you get. And it would be the same at your house. “I worry that my house is too dark", there is always light, even in the darkest homes. Most people don’t observe light the way a photographer does, you’ll be surprised to find that there is light where you might not expect it. “But my house is so small!”, this is an easy one. I shoot with wide angle lenses, so it’s perfect for small spaces.

A documentary picture can tell a little story on its own. I have not set up any detail of the picture below, what you see is what you get. She likes to use everyone's hat no matter the weather and she asks to sit at the window. Those drawings are hanging on the wall for a few years now, since my eldest decided to draw the family (only the three of us back then). He now likes drawing cartoons! This is a picture that will speak to me forever.

Lifestyle photography, although natural, has some direction from me.

In the picture below, I handed her a veg drainer and let her play with it. When artificial light is the only can you get... there is no limits for creativity!

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