Moms this is for you

You worry about being in photos.

I know you wish you could lose a few more pounds or change your hair or maybe just not be in them at all.

I feel you, believe me!

You’re not going to agree but I'll say it anyway. How you look doesn’t matter!

You are beautiful. I’m not talking about your perfect outfit or your perfect body.

What I see is the way you love your kids. The way you have so much patience and the way they look at you and giggle. That is so much more beautiful than perfect hair or make-up.

Your life will be different and there will be something in these photos that you miss.

In ten years, you will not look at these photos and wish you were a few pounds lighter. You will be looking at how little your baby is in your arms wishing you could go back in time. You may even think how great you looked with less wrinkles and wish you could go back to that too.

In twenty years, when your sweet baby is grown they will look back and cherish these pictures. They won’t care about the outfit or what you weighed but they’ll be grateful they have something to remember how great of a mom you were to them.

Someday you’ll be gone and your great, grandchildren will see how much they resemble you and be so thankful for the legacy you left. This is the true beauty of a photo.

During the session, I move myself around to find the most flattering position and I will make adjustments as necessary. I’ll get you to sit where the light is best or position the kids in a certain way around you. It’s always in my mind, just as it’s always in yours. So don’t worry about how you feel about the way you look, just enjoy your kids and trust me to capture the moments.