Why professional photography is important for your business

In terms of business expenses, professional photography is often an item on the list that is seen as expendable. After all, you could just take some pictures yourself.


Photos are content, they are powerful and versatile.

Online, photos can be used to make your website infinitely more engaging. They can be used to build your brand on social media or be featured in blog posts and articles. Offline, photos can be used in brochures and promotional materials.

Your photos represent your business. Low quality, unprofessional photos will communicate the same about the products and services you offer.

Sure you can use stock photos.

But, I want you to look beyond the professional looking images that you can buy. As clean and nice as they always look, as professional as they are, they also always feel disconnected. There is no personal feel to them, nothing in them that shows who you are, what you really do and how much passion and hard work goes into running your business.

Every professional or business has a story to tell.

“Who are you?”

“Why should I choose you?”

“Do we share the same values?”

A way to get that message out into the community is a documentary photography session.

Do you want to see how a session looks like?

Tom Winters is a local business in Cork providing a premium service. They use the best quality products, from classic gentlemen's haircuts to traditional shaves.